Cover Season

If you are in publishing and especially a designer, you might think of this as Book cover Season, as presses try to get their Spring catalogs together. In this age of group emails, I long to tape up my comps to a wall and spend an afternoon in a good old fashioned critique. In fact, I think I am going to suggest that to my clients. There could be snacks! It is exciting to see what new books will be coming out, and having seen a lot of cover comps by a lot of designers lately, I ask you this: Look around at your favorite book covers. How many of them have drop shadows and other computer trickery? That’s right, not too many. ADDENDUM: I have seen a lot of cool collage work done with Photoshop, but of course the best of it doesn’t make the viewer think of a computer, it simply transforms, as art should.

These aren’t my designs (in fact, they are courtesy of the Book Cover Archive, referenced a couple of posts ago), but I wanted to show them for their simplicity and elegance.