Side Note: Education

A timely side plug for Maria Montessori on her 142nd Birthday. This article in the Christian Science Monitor discusses the woman as a strong, brave pioneer. Education is a passion of mine, having once walked a few steps down the teaching path, and now being a parent. My kids kind of fell into beeing Montessori educated and I feel that although it is so out-of-step with the way our children are typically educated, it most mirrors our natural instincts as humans (i.e. It Just Makes Sense). One of the first lessons these children learn from a very early age is that their role is to “take care of ourselves, each other and our environment”. They know that to collaborate is effective, but have the skills to work independently as well. With the common goal of caring for the shared environment, they also know that something out there is bigger than any one person or group and are united around its upkeep.

Pictured above: A bunch of happy Montessori kids taking a rest during an outdoor education camping trip.

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