Recently went with the family to Belize. What a wonderful place with enough to satisfy all the senses. Welcoming, smart, friendly people. Travel is a muse that inspires every time. It can be easy to forget that whatever your muse is, it pays to worship at its temple when you can, because we all need our powers!

Ouch! That’s Sharp!

I just opened a brand new package of #11 Exacto blades. Unfolded them from their parchment wrappings, glad that there are some reasons to use our hands. Technology is great and all, and I wouldn’t be in business without it, but using all of our available tools leaves us open to many more solutions, don’t you think?

why we do this

photography with a capital P. Koudelka’s photographs are visual poetry. Each image is a self-contained story, and yet viewed as series’ his work becomes something lyrical, with rhythm. It’s all contrast and strong, graphic lines. The image’s graininess gives it away as something truly timeless, reminding us that there are Photographs and there are Digital Photographs.